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Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ.

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Vicki LaBella

A good time was had by all here at the Jersey Shore!

COVID-19 Policy Guidelines

People Cycling realizes that travel and tourism has been severely affected by the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. As a result, People Cycling pledges to support and require full compliance with all guidelines that result from evidence based best practices established by centers of excellence such as the CDC and WHO to ensure our tour leaders and members collectively work together to mitigate the risk posed by COVID-19 while on tour. If a member has special needs or concerns we ask that they contact the Ride Leader for the latest information on the required guidelines for his or her upcoming tour. The pandemic requires an abundance of caution from everyone.

This policy will be in place until such a time when it is no longer needed when travel and tourism is no longer threatened by the virus.

James Kervick

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People Cycling's Ride Rating

People Cycling has four categories for our rides – Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Challenging. It should be somewhat obvious what these categories mean, but please become familiar with the elevations and distances that define them:

Easy rides are under 30mi/48km in average distance and 1600ft/500m in average elevation
Moderate rides are over the Easy rating but under 50mi/80km and 2460ft/750m
Difficult rides are as over the Moderate rating but under 75mi/120km and 3280/1000m
Anything over the Difficult rating

NOTE: This is not a strict guideline. There could be rides that have a day or two where the average elevation or distance exceeds the values given above. These anomalies should be outlined in the ride description. It is recommended that you read it carefully.

About People Cycling

People Cycling is a recently launched cycling club, which you can join for free, and is led by volunteer ride leaders. We will be offering tours in the United States and overseas. Our tours are made up of a small group of participants (typically 20-30 or so) who want to ride 30 to 55 miles a day over a one or two week period in interesting regions of the world.

Our ride leaders are volunteers and do not financially profit on tours they lead. They are also given broad discretion on how to lead their tours, and we consider them our greatest asset.

People Cycling tours are operated at cost or at lower cost (as negotiated by our ride leaders) than individuals can obtain on commercial tours. Within the cost of a tour, there is a nominal fee to support club operations and provide tools to ride leaders to manage their rides.

A lifetime membership in People Cycling is absolutely FREE, so please join us and become one of us – we the people, cycling together.