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Riding Japan - Kyushu's Onsens to Islands.

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Ride Leader
Thomas Ryan
Tour Dates
Start Location
Fukuoka Japan (FUK)
End Location
Fukuoka Japan (FUK)
Cost (est.)
$4950 (USD + $150.00 ride fee)
$1485 (USD
Payment Due
Tour Company
Spice Roads
Avg. Distance
45 mi / 72 km
Avg. Elevation
2789 ft / 850 m
Ride Description


Great roads, beautiful landscapes, clear skies, brilliant colors, polite people and courteous road users make Japan a world-class cycling destination. Exquisite cuisine and a unique culture make it one of the world’s most alluring countries to visit. 

Our fully supported cycling journey takes you to Kyūshū, Japan's southern and westernmost main island, arguably its warmest, friendliest and most beautiful, with active volcanic peaks, rocky, near-tropical coastlines, and great onsen (hot springs) virtually everywhere. Steam pours from the earth in Unzen and Beppu, while Mount Aso, in Aso Kuju National Park, is Japan’s largest active volcano and among the biggest in the world. Kyushu offers us an endless stream of diverse experiences as we traverse an island steeped in legend, history and spirituality. From Shinto shrines to Buddhist pagodas and Christian monasteries we learn the stories that have shaped this unique part of Japan.

Our ride covers 654 kilometres (406miles) of quiet roads with amazing views at almost every turn. Rolling through villages and rural communities from the north-eastern corner of Kyushu, via Hita, Usa, Kunisaki, and the towns of Beppu, Yufo and Aso. Down to the Amakusa Islands in the west where we trace the Yatsushiro inland sea across multiple bridges. Amakusa, famous for its soy sauce, is also known for its fishing villages and snapper farming, promising some of the fresh… (Join People Cycling to read more)

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