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Cycling the Beaches and Jungles of the Yucatan in Search of Stephens and the Maya.

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Ride Leader
Thomas Ryan
Tour Dates
Start Location
Cancun, Mexico (CUN)
End Location
Tulum, Mexico (CUN)
Cost (est.)
$3495 (USD + $150.00 ride fee)
$1495 (USD
Payment Due
Tour Company
Avg. Distance
32 mi / 51 km
Avg. Elevation
500 ft / 152 m
Ride Description

Building on the sold out 2022, 2023, and the likely 2024 Yucatan tours, People Cycling is excited to follow up with the 2025 edition of this timeless classic. A great post-Thanksgiving cycling tour, we'll circle the beauiful and fascinating Yucatan Peninsula following in the footsteps of John Lloyd Stephens. In the Fall of 1841, Stephens left his home in Brooklyn, New York and sailed to the Yucatán port of Merida in Mexico. The Yucatán, which sits like a thumb apart from the main body of Mexico, was rumored to be home to an astonishing civilization that had disappeared into the jungle. Stevens circled the Yucatán, just as we plan to do, only in our case we'll be on comfortable hybrid bikes (included) and on paved roads, Stephens discovered the lost civilization of the Maya. On par with the pyramids of Egypt, Yucatán sites like Chichen Itza are stunning to see and experience and visiting by bike allows us to arrive early before the tourists. 

Part of the disbelief at the time that the Yucatán could be home to a massive lost civilization was the fact that the Yucatán has no rivers. The truth is that  the Yucatán has no above ground rivers — and Stephens and his team discovered that wherever they found large ruins they also found ‘cenotes’, underground pools and rivers. Fortunately, we know where many of these cenotes are -- so pack… (Join People Cycling to read more)

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