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Paso Robles Ramble 2022.

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Ride Info
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Ride Leader
Richard Reinecke
Tour Dates
Start Location
Paso Robles, CA
End Location
Paso Robles, CA
Cost (est.)
$1350 (USD + $100.00 ride fee)
$600 (USD
Payment Due
Avg. Distance
45 mi / 72 km
Avg. Elevation
3199 ft / 975 m
Ride Description



OVERVIEW:  Come and enjoy a fixed base tour of California's stunning Central Coast area.  Paso Robles offers exceptional cycling on lightly traveled roads that are bordered by Coastal live oaks, fruit, nut and olive orchards, large ranches as well as hundreds of vineyards and wineries.  Riders will be able to cycle to the beautiful Pacific Ocean as well as pedal to the San Andreas Fault.

RIDE RATING:  Moderate to Difficult    There are multiple route options for average to accomplished riders. The terrain is as varied as it is beautiful with daily averages of 35-50 miles and 2,500 to 3,500 feet of elevation gain.  There are no mandatory ride days and this ride IS NOT SAG VEHICLE SUPPORTED.  Tandem riders may find some of the routes quite challenging, but are welcome along with any riders wanting to use their E-bikes.

WEATHER:  The weather along California's Central Coast in April varies, but is usually best described as "crisp in the mornings but warming in the afternoons".  Typical lows during this time of year are 40's F with the highs approaching the mid-70's F.  Average rainfall for April may reach a total of one inch; cold weather kit as well as rain gear are recommended.

LODGING & MEALS:  Lodging for … (Join People Cycling to read more)

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People Cycling's Ride Rating

People Cycling has four categories for our rides – Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Challenging. It should be somewhat obvious what these categories mean, but please become familiar with the elevations and distances that define them:

Easy rides are under 30mi/48km in average distance and 1600ft/500m in average elevation
Moderate rides are over the Easy rating but under 50mi/80km and 2460ft/750m
Difficult rides are as over the Moderate rating but under 75mi/120km and 3280/1000m
Anything over the Difficult rating

NOTE: This is not a strict guideline. There could be rides that have a day or two where the average elevation or distance exceeds the values given above. These anomalies should be outlined in the ride description. It is recommended that you read it carefully.

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